This concierge club offers premier services to suit all needs. Standing reservations to all Restaurants and Culinary experiences in Park City, Midway, and Salt Lake City. Transportation to and from all destinations. VIP Tickets to Local and Nationwide Events or Sporting Games. Personal Home Assistant/ Management. Background checks on referrals to the best most reliable service providers.  

The first round of 150 memberships is available now, and the second round of 150 membership is to be available March, 30th 2023 giving us 300 members.

Each member will have access to our online concierge email and phone number to assist with local reservations or while traveling around the world. Membership covers a household family with additional charges for guests and extended family. After your 100 hours of service runs out, you will be notified about hourly charges or options for repurchasing. 

Services available by Hourly deduction 

Local Transportation/ Chauffeur Service, Errands, Reservationist, Personal Assistance.

This group of services might be very important.

Your membership offers you VIP transportation to and from destinations such as dinner engagements offering a designative driver at all times. You can request transportation to and from the airport or other pick-up and drop-off within a 35-mile radius. (No more taxis and waiting for Ubers) You’re on-call reservationist would be happy to help make a reservation. 


hereby, sign this contract in agreement for a

1 Year contract, with Rtt concierge & My continental group, for the sum $25, 000 per year for, 100 hours of concierge service. I am adding the following ,

as members of my immediate family to have access to my hours and membership with My Continental Club. I hereby hold myself and family members accountable for any disruption of any kind to the club or other members' standards. Termination of

my family member or my membership can be terminated due to Multiple DUI, In-House fights and disrespecting the club and other membership policy.

Membership Policy

1st DUI- Leads to 20 hours deduction as a penalty, 2nd DUI leads to termination and 1- year probation before you can apply for a new membership (At no point a member should encounter a DUI. We do not support drinking and driving, because we offer our transportation services to avoid all circumstances of a DUI. Please note that our team is here to protect and serve you too and from your destination.

Members should always retract or make a complaint to the concierge and other management about unhappy services or service providers. Please bring this to the club's attention and not create a scene for either yourself, other members, or employees of My Continental club or affiliates.

Please be respectful of other members, our club, lounges, and entertainment pop-up. If something is not your fit, please share your thoughts in our suggestion boxes or survey.

Please do not offer to bribe service providers or employees of the club

Please be respectful of bartenders and serves if they choose to cut you off if they think you are intoxicated. This is state law but we are here to provide and safe a friendly environment. Please don’t feel disrespected or embarrassed.

Members will be charged a fee if they asked us to make a reservation and no-show or cancel later than the expirations time has passed. This is a restaurant's discretions policy.

Billing and monthly hours recap.

1. Monthly Billing charges.
2. Monthly shared Itineraries to indicate how many hours have been used/ deducted.
3. Monthly shared Itinerary and entertainment E-Blast.