Nantucket Event Planning –Ski Resorts, Child Care, Catering

Nantucket - Meeting and Event Planning

RTT Concierge will cater and assist your entire stay on Nantucket. We will start with your transportation, Valet parking, guest arrivals and departures, event spaces, permits, security, equipments and rentals, caterers, production and then ensure all events are at your standards and your convenience. Nantucket has some of the best activities around and RTT Concierge will make your stay fun filled. Give us an idea of what types of things you enjoy and we will make it happen. We have some of the best fishing in the area as well as scenic trails to bike or walk. We also have brewery and farms to check out. There is truly something for everyone, so the whole family or group will be excited to part take.

Fishing Trips

Nantucket is known for its fishing and RTT Concierge can set you up with some great fishing trips. Many fishermen come again and again and know exactly what they want. If you are a first time fisher then we can set you up with a guide that knows the area and can help your day of fishing be a success. This is a wonderful outing for the entire family and you will remember it for many years to come.

Tours & Cruises

For those of you who enjoy different cultures we offer tour and cruise packages. These packages really let you see what Nantucket has to offer. You will get to enjoy the beautiful city and learn about the history and culture. These are also great for the family and will serve as a learning experience for both you and your children.

Child Care

Vacations are about family and we know you love yours. Family time can be wonderful, but it is still nice to have some quiet time. While on vacation is always important to enjoy yourself and you may wish to do this with a night on the town or a lovely dinner. RTT Concierge offers child care so that you and your special someone can see the romantic side of Nantucket.

Catering & Restaurant Accommodations

Restaurant reservations can cause a headache. RTT Concierge can take care of all your restaurant reservation needs. We know all the great restaurants and will gladly book your reservations. We also offer catering if you are having a special occasion. Let us help you plan the entire party. This way you can enjoy your special occasion without the worry of forgetting something or ensuring the food is done on time. This is our job and we promise to not disappoint!

Our mission is to strive beyond our clients Expectations providing nothing but privacy and quality concierge service.