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Nantucket - BoatThe world of RTT Concierge, Luxury In-Home, Travel, Personal Concierge, Event & Vacation Management Service was founded in 2009, by Lucien Alwyn Alex Campbell. After the experience of being a booking assistant in the music industry for 3+ years. Three(3) years of VIP client assistance to private families, sponsors, and celebrities coming to Deer Valley for Sundance and skiing. In addition to, two(2) years as head of security and event management in Nantucket. Alex(as everyone calls him), then went on to create a company that would make living and traveling a breeze, for clients going on vacation. He achieved this by his thorough approach in assisting them and effectively managing their day to day lives and properties. His company, RTT Concierge, then went on to be based in two of the best vacation destinations; a winter haven in Park City, Utah, and a summer getaway in Nantucket,Massachusetts. Since their humble beginnings, RTT Concierge has built a solid reputation and a trusted brand for themselves. RTT Concierge exposes the local top businesses to a fresh intake of clientele, offering increased business while providing a relaxing environment for our clients to enjoy the varied experiences these top spots have to offer.

Here at RTT Concierge we adhere to high standards when planning our clients’ personal lives, business travels or getaways. We provide access to an elite roster of venues that provide mind-blowing experiences and keep them entertained in a family-friendly (secured) environment. We also offer exclusive VIP hosting focusing on privacy, security, and complete relaxation, giving you the comfort of knowing that your getaway has been flawlessly executed. We have created ease of access for our local clients, international vacationers, season clientele and prospective clients interested in traveling to any/all of our base locations as well as other places. Sourcing accommodation for clientele wanting to attending events such as the Sundance Film Festival which has been a staple for us. We can offer unlimited VIP access to some of the most Elite VIP After-Parties & Red Carpet Screenings, as well as source prime Real Estate and Private Jet excursions. We are known for delivering a warm, friendly service and approaching everything in a professional manner.

We pride ourselves on the confidentiality and security of our Clients, providing an accessible customer experience that can be relied upon 24 hours a day.


Our mission is to strive beyond our clients Expectations providing nothing but privacy and quality concierge service.